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Moda Tasarımı Mini-Master Moda Tasarımı Mini-Master

Bu özel master programı ile katılımcılarımıza,moda alanında pek çok ödül sahibi,kreatif girişimci ve BAU Roma’nın marka stratejileri,görsel komünikasyon ve pazarlama konularında uzmanlaşmış tasarımcı kadrosunda yer alan Ilaria Venturini Fendi liderliğinde görsel iletişim,aksesuar ve iç mekan tasarımı gibi moda alanlarında çevreci tasarım anlayışını uygulamalı bir şekilde yürütme olanağını sunuyoruz.

Innovation and Strategic Management Innovation and Strategic Management

Experience C Level and innovation at C Suits of BAU Rome.

İç Mekan Tasarımı Mini-Master İç Mekan Tasarımı Mini-Master

İç Mekan Tasarımı ve Mekan Oluşturma Mini-Master Programı ile BAU IAR ekibinin uzman hikaye anlatıcıları, marka stratejistleri ve viral pazarlamacıları öncülüğünde deneysel bir iç mekan tasarımı macerasına doğru yola çıkacaksınız.

İtalyan Mutfağı İtalyan Mutfağı

Dünyanın en eski mutfaklarından İtalya’nın en leziz tariflerini Roma’da BAU ile öğren.

Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn the latest corporate social responsibility trends and approaches from experts who have designed and managed successful global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs for companies including Walmart, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Marathon. Through this course, you will gain the practical skills needed to develop impactful CSR programs throughout your career.

Global Online Business Strategies Global Online Business Strategies

learn from top producting business success public relations and social media experts how to createyour dream business that is location independent allows you to work with clients form around the world and be anywhere in the world that yo choose.

Italian Art, Media & Design Italian Art, Media & Design

The impact of Italian art, history and visual culture on the success of the MADE IN ITALY brand is undoubtful and results into the production of unique artifacts integrating functionality, aestethics. technology and innovation. This course aims to unveil the key factors of the Italian design, by exploring its complex relationship with art and media. The core and most critical steps of the design process, from the idea to the project and prototype realization, will be illustrated in several sectors where the Italian passion for style, beauty, art and culture makes the difference.

Viral Marketing for Start-ups Viral Marketing for Start-ups

Digital communication and social media have changed the practice of marketing more than at any time since the commercialization of television, and are creating opportunities for new entrepreneurs and pioneers. Search engine marketing and viral propagation of digital videos can drive outbound and inbound demand by minimizing fixed costs; therefore the ability to produce a branded video content and make it viral in the Social Web is increasingly becoming one of the most valuable marketing techniques.

Italian Luxury Italian Luxury

This course can suit a variety of interests and participants’ profiles. Marketing and communication students, publishers, bloggers, managers, entrepreneurs, and designers with a passion for Italian style, creativity and innovation, will experience the uniqueness and true essence of the MADE IN ITALY luxury brands, and learn branding and image management techniques in the digital age.

Italian Entrepreneurship & Innovation Italian Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This course aims to bring participants in direct contact with the companies representing the success of the MADE IN ITALY brand worldwide, in order to understand the link between art and science in the entrepreneurial process and the theory and practice of new venture creation and management. Participants will learn how technology, creativity and innovation connect with each other and understand the strategic pillars of the MADE IN ITALY:

Italian Food & Restaurant Business Italian Food & Restaurant Business

This course can suit a variety of interests and levels of knowledge of the Food & Catering sector. Amateurs, Restaurant managers and entrepreneurs, Food bloggers & designers will all find “bread for their teeth”.

Washington D.C Washington D.C

BAU International University Washington, D.C. is a short walk from many of D.C.’s major tourist attractions. The White House is right next door to our building. The National Mall, where the majority of the city’s museums are, is only ten minutes away. Anything that isn’t close can easily be accessed using public transportation.

Silicon Valley Silicon Valley

This campus is established in collaboration with Bahcesehir University Starters Lab. Attending classes organized in partnership with Stanford University, Bahcesehir University’s students get a chance of takinf full-year internships and jobs in leading technology companies which is located in the Silicon Valley.Bahcesehir University (BAU )Silicon Valley Campus is opening its doors to students with its summer scool program.

Toronto Toronto

BAU Toronto was founded in late 2012, and is the first Canadian campus of Bahçeşehir University that offers the English Preparatory Program to international students by equipping them with the necessary skills needed to allow them to excel in their chosen academic studies.

Cologne Cologne

BAU Cologne, is providing education to children of Turkish, German and other nationalities children and their future as university student. Services offered by BAU Cologne are listed as follows; university preparation courses, computers and contemporary communication techniques, practice classes supporting courses, pre-school courses, language courses.

Berlin Berlin

BAU Berlin offers study abroad opportunities for existing BAU students who would like to spend a semester in Berlin. The study abroad programs currently include a joint program for students of communication studies, the first and second year programs for law students, second-year courses for students of Architecture and Interior Architecture and a joint program for students of engineering study programs.

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s core values are in line with those of Bahçeşehir University. Both of them share the idea of achieving international standards. While BAU aspires to educate leading workforce and make contributions to the world, Hong Kong is progressing to further develop itself as an international financial center. The stock and debenture markets are flourishing continually and attracting capital inflows from other countries.

Rome Rome

Courses run at BAU Rome include; university preparation courses, short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate, advanced and continuing education courses, language courses.

Global Hukuk Programları Direktörlüğü (IGUL) Global Hukuk Programları Direktörlüğü (IGUL)

Global Hukuk Programları Direktörlüğü (IGUL) Eğitimleri

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