AU Cologne opened in April 2014 in Cologne, a city which has become famous in the  world in the field of arts and education in Germany.

Having such an educational center in Cologne – which is one of the most important places in education and the world of science, and while carrying Bahçeşehir University‘s unique experience to Cologne – offers the possibility to bring Cologne’s knowledge to Istanbul, and from there to all points in the world where Bahçeşehir University exsists.

BAU Cologne, is providing education to children of Turkish, German and other nationalities children and their future as university student. Services offered by BAU Cologne are listed as follows:

–      University preparation courses

–      Computers and contemporary communication techniques

–      Practice classes supporting courses

–      Pre-school courses

–      Language courses

Also, students of Bahçeşehir University can come to this city – which is vital for the education world – and can benefit from Cologne’s education treasury with the programs that the education academy has prepared.

Programa Başvur

Program Hakkında

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