Digital and Social Media

There have been unprecedented advances in theory and practice on behalf of business and management  in recent years. In quick succession,  new innovations are being made. Growth of knowledge is increasing at such a rapid rate that a student planning a brighter future has an uphill task keeping oneself up-to-date in the area of one’s specialization. Even a minor knowledge can effect the course of your career.

While technology and communication tools are developing rapidly in today world, marketing principles and strategies don’t remain same. In recent digital marketing has came into question in the West, in this way companies  reaches the target audience and customers more easily by  using the various possibilities of technology. This program,which is designed by jointly Bahçeşehir university and İstanbul institute, aims  to explain the social media with its all aspect.


Anyone who is 18 or more and has desire to know digital marketing and social media wholly can attend our program.


For more information e-mail to or call 0212 381 5931

Programa Başvur

Program Hakkında

Program Süresi

24 hours/4 days

Program Ücreti

200 $

Eğitim Gün ve Saati

  • Cumartesi ( 09:30 - 16:30 )
  • Pazar ( 09:30 - 16:30 )

Başlangıç Tarihi

16 Nisan 2016

Bitiş Tarihi

30 Nisan 2016

Eğitim Yeri

BAU Beşiktaş Campus

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