Global Online Business Strategies

dasdaAn 8 week online certification that explores the dynamics of starting growing and sustaining a succesfull online business with global reach.

Learn from top producing business, success, public relations and social media experts how to create your dream business that is location independent, allows you to work with clients from around the world and be anywhere in the world that you choose.

Learn from top producing business, success, public relations and social media experts on how to:

  • Take an concept from idea to viable business
  • Discover your unique positioning
  • Build a business that is location independent
  • Have your branding stand out in the online marketplace
  • Work with clients from around the world
  • Create your ideal lifestyle.

During this life changing 8 week certification we will explore:

Week 1:  Mindset, money and managing expectations for the online business world.

Week 2:  Uncovering your unique talents, finding your niche and creating a viable business idea.

Week 3: Defining your ideal client, market research, connecting to your story.

Week 4: Marketing, Branding, Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels

Week 5: How to have clients sell themselves and close more business deals.

Week 6:  Discovering your best social media platform for gaining leads.

Week 7:  How to land press and media coverage to build credibility.

Week 8:  Effectively setting goals, prioritizing and managing time in the online world.

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Application Deadline: September 30, 2015

Certification Tuition: $ 2,500

For more information or Call: (202) 644-72-17


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