BAU Toronto was founded in late 2012, and is the first Canadian campus of Bahçeşehir University that offers the English Preparatory Program to international students by equipping them with the necessary skills needed to allow them to excel in their chosen academic studies.

At BAU Toronto, we recognize that learning a foreign language successfully requires more than just a text book and lecture – but an innovation and engaging approach to learning. We have incorporated three key areas to ensure the success of each and every one of our students:

  • A forward-thinking, interactive and rewarding environment, combined with an enjoyable atmosphere that encourages student’s participation and commitment to their studies.
  • Employment of qualified, dedicated and experienced instructors with a passion to teach, along with an added perseverance to see their students excel.
  • Real opportunities for students to practice and expand on their newly learnt skills by joining in extracurricular activities and excursions outside of the school learning environment, both locally and outside of the city.

By establishing BAU training campuses around the globe, we are providing our students with exposure to natural language settings and real scenarios of the future workplace environment. Learning to speak a foreign language like English at an internationally-based institution is an immeasurable asset that will prepare students for a successful career both at home and abroad.

As stated on the Bahçeşehir University website, “If you are an open-minded independent individual who is constantly striving to improve yourself, learn about the world and who enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, adventure and new challenges, Bahçeşehir University is the right place for you.” We look forward to welcoming you at BAU Toronto, Canada!


Facilities: BAU Toronto is a newly renovated and modern school that incorporates today’s technology for optimum learning. Students have access to Wi-Fi / high speed internet, video conferencing, and large screen TV’s (each connected to Apple TV). Our school has two classrooms with an additional four currently under renovation (six in total), a private tutoring room, kitchen facilities that include a fridge, microwave, coffee makers and kettle that are available for use. Students can hang out in our student lounge, eat at the cafeteria tables, buy a drink or snack from the vending machines, or relax in our main lounge and study area. We have an outdoor courtyard that students can utilize, especially during the warm summer months.

Dormitory: Shared accommodation is available at two of our rented, fully-furnished and equipped townhouses (includes cable TV, high-speed internet/Wi-Fi and all other necessities) and only a short 8-minute walk to school. Homestay accommodation (single or double occupancy), as well as studio apartments, can be arranged for those who enquire in advance.

Programmes: We offer English programs all year-long. Whether you are learning to speak English for work, educational studies, or personal enrichment – BAU Toronto can support you in all of your endeavours and goals. In addition to the English Preparatory Program, we also offer a “City & Culture: Toronto” program as of February 2013 that is accredited by Bahçeşehir University. Programmes that will be included in the coming months: “The CES Active English Method” for all ESL levels and “Learning Turkish” (beginner classes to advanced). Make sure you check back for special announcements on our other programs that will be launched later this year.

Country: CANADA

School Location: Located in Canada’s largest and most diverse city, BAU Toronto is a prime destination for eager students to immerse themselves in the English language and the Canadian culture. Situated in the heart of Davisville Village, it is just a five-minute walk to Yonge Street (Toronto’s central street) where you will find yourself surrounded by many local shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and speciality stores. Davisville Subway station is just around the corner, and only a 15 minute subway ride to reach the downtown core of this beautiful city and Lake Ontario.

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